Create business agility through a new way of working

Create business agility through
a new way of working

Empowered Agility Vision and Approach


  • We champion a new way of working to take organizations to the next level: client-focused, outcome-aligned, organized and structured for empowered teams and managed by Agile leaders.
  • We are guided by industry-leading frameworks, Lean/Agile practices, and our Business Agility transformation experience to develop customized strategies and solutions.
  • Our proven three-step Empowered Agility Approach enables our clients to quickly and sustainably make the shift to the new way of working.


We begin our engagements by working with leaders and stakeholders to create a clear vision, priorities and measures for success.

Our training is delivered through hands-on-workshops, where participants work with their team to solve real problems to apply what they are learning and receive immediate guidance and feedback.

Real change happens over time, through practicing new skills, fostering cultural change and new ways of thinking, measuring growth and removing impediments that are getting in the way.  We support this through targeted coaching and with measurement tools and processes.

Our Expertise


Start with the end in mind and develop a clear strategy focused on your highest priorities, managing risk and delivering value quickly.  Learn how to apply systems thinking and the “art of the possible” to test ideas and solve even the toughest challenges in a creative way.


A new way of working demands a new way of leading, as Lean/Agile leaders approach problems with a different mindset and new set of practices. To create an environment for success, leaders must develop self-awareness and strong communication skills and shift their focus from tactical task management to strategic activities. 


Lasting change comes from within. With an enablement approach, teams are supported in owning and creating the change. Applying a Lean change management strategy aligns the change management approach to the new way of working. 


Alignment across every area and level of the organization reduces waste and supports the flow of value to the customer. Aligned leaders and teams share a common vision, measures of success and accountability to results. This requires a cohesive leadership team, effective organizational design, and Lean/Agile portfolio management and planning. 


Continuous improvement begins with knowing where you are at relative to the goal, with clearly defined and measurable results, and a repeatable, sustainable process. For growth to take place, teams must be motivated, empowered and feel safe to take risks, give and receive feedback and hold each other accountable.


What Our Clients Are Saying