Through our experiences leading transformations, we have developed a repeatable approach to help organizations make lasting change.  The Empowered Agility Approach is a three-step process that enables organizations to work in new ways and achieve agility.

Steps 1 through 3 are iterative as you introduce increments of change – applying Lean/Agile principles to how you transform.


Step 1: Design The Strategy - Leadership Workshop


  • Clear vision for the new way of working
  • Alignment on success measures for the change
  • Agreement on priorities, for the changes that deliver the highest value


  • Define the problem and scope for change
  • Define transformation outcomes with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)
  • Develop the transformation backlog
  • Create the transformation roadmap
  • Establish a Lean change management plan

Step 2: Learn and Apply - Team Workshops


  • Applied learning over book learning
  • Teams solve real-world challenges
  • Rapid return on investment through the delivery of value


  • Immersive learning experience focused on your organizational context
  • Work together to apply the concepts to the team’s real work
  • Receive immediate feedback on ways to improve

Step 3: Sustain and Grow - Growth Measurement and Enablement Coaching


  • Hear from the voice of the teams
  • Address the impediments that are impacting performance
  • Teams mature from novice to high-performing
  • Create lasting change in the organizational culture


  • Targeted coaching sessions to develop skills, practices and new ways of thinking
  • Continuous assessment of maturity and growth
  • Identifying and managing team and organizational growth items
  • Track progress toward transformation and business outcomes/OKRs