Julie Springer of Empowered Agility
Julie Springer - Co-Founder of Empowered Agility
Ryan Fullmer of Empowered Agility
Ryan Fullmer - Co-Founder of Empowered Agility


Government agencies are faced with increasing demand, changing expectations, and constantly evolving requirements. Traditional models of government are failing to keep up. Agility is an organization’s ability to adapt quickly, run efficiently and deliver better outcomes to customers and stakeholders. Agility requires a change in the way that you think, lead and work.


Our mission is to collaborate with government leaders to create a new way of working – embracing lean and agile principles to create a healthy work environment, support high-performing teams and improve outcomes for state and local government agencies.

We accomplish this by providing enablement systems and tools for agility transformations, supporting the change with our three-step process:

  • Design the Strategy
  • Learn and Apply
  • Sustain and Grow


  • We are outcome-focused
  • We develop strategy and create clarity
  • We see what is possible and find the way forward
  • We align to the principles and adapt the solution to the organization’s needs
  • We embrace continuous improvement and learning
  • We operate with integrity and practice what we preach


Ryan Fullmer of Empowered Agility



I have a passion for collaborating with leaders to define a vision for what’s possible and discover practical ways to get there. It is inspiring and satisfying to see leadership teams achieve outcomes that seemed beyond what they thought was possible. I have five years of experience as a government leader and over a decade of experience coaching government agencies and private sector companies. As an agility coach, I work with organizations to build cultures that achieve great results through new ways of working and leading. I have experience developing successful solutions to complex and challenging organizational transformations. My agility coaching experience spans a variety of industries and organizations, from small start-ups and local agencies to Fortune 100 and large federal agencies.

Which Empowered Agility value speaks to you the most and why?

I am motivated by seeing what’s possible in the midst of big challenges and finding a way forward. Being able to step back, see the big picture, discover root causes and identify tangible next steps builds critical momentum. Taking those first steps on the journey makes it all possible.

Julie Springer of Empowered Agility


co-founder, government agility strategist

I love working with leaders who have a vision for what is possible and a passion for making an impact in the work they do. It is very rewarding to support leaders in creating a positive work environment with healthy, high performing teams and measurable results. I have over ten years of experience as a government leader, applying an agile approach to solve big challenges, as well as a wide range of experience as an agility coach in the public and private sectors.

Which Empowered Agility value speaks to you the most and why?

I want to know that the work I’m doing has a purpose and delivers value. Focusing on outcomes is important to me because we work in environments where there is a lot of uncertainty and change is very challenging. By defining and continuing to align to outcomes, we can stay on course, even as we adjust and adapt our approach to figure out what will work best.

Yvette Francino of Empowered Agility



I’ve always had a passion for software and spent the first 17 years of my career as a software developer. In 1999, I was promoted into management and since that time, have recognized that, as much as I enjoyed coding, I love leading and coaching others in the software industry even more! I embrace agile values and empowering others to become high-performing team members and leaders, themselves. I’ve coached and trained individuals, teams, and executives on a variety of agile frameworks and have written extensively about software quality, agile techniques, and leadership.

Which Empowered Agility value speaks to you the most and why?

Continuous improvement and learning are values I embrace daily. Both personally and professionally, I recognize the need to constantly reflect and learn, both from our successes and our failures. The world changes at such a quick pace and we need to recognize that learning never stops and that it’s the key to bettering ourselves and the value that we bring to others.

Zach Springer of Empowered Agility



As a website designer and marketer, I learned several key take aways that have helped me on my path to being a life long learner.  The first is to have a passion for what you do.  The second is to believe in the company that you work for.  Empowered Agility has a rock solid understanding of the principles and agile methods that make teams and businesses succeed.  Being a former scrum team member, I have appreciation not only for the process but how it helps the organization as a whole.

Which Empowered Agility value speaks to you the most and why?

It’s important to me to adapt the solution to the organization’s needs. The principles guide us and it is important to be adaptable and customer-focused in all that we do.